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Sign Printing

Promote your business, product or event with colorful and well crafted signs.

  1. Mounting on foam core and eco-friendly substrates
  2. Gloss or Lamination Option available for added durability
  3. Sizes up to 42” x 60”
  4. Printed with soy or vegetable inks
  5. Printed using 4-color process or PMS spot colors
  6. Wide selection of eco-friendly paper

Choose bio-degradable gloss or matte lamination for added durability and protection.

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Printing Signage – what to consider

By Winn Apple   |   Published May, 2013

Different printing products are considered signage. Banners – both hanging and with stands – as well as posters.

One distinction between a poster and a sign is the presentation. Mounted posters – also called signage – are a much more cost effective way to promote than investing in a Banner. Especially if you are promoting an event or sale which is time limited.

Signage is essential if you are participating in any type of tradeshow or conference. Printing for tradeshows is often times the last item on a long list of tasks you need to manage. Ultimately it leads to a last minute hunt for a printer to handle the job.

Printers for tradeshows are familiar with the type of time crunch and stress you will be under – so finding a qualified printer to print signage and other marketing materials is extremely important. You don’t want to risk having your signage delivered late.

If you are printing signage with mounting, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the different substrates available. There are many environmentally friendly poster substrates to choice from.

Falcon board is similar to a honeycomb board. It is an eco-friendly mounting for signage. There are also recycled foam core boards which may preserve better in a hot, moist environment.

Depending on the size of your signage, it most likely will be printed on a large format printer. If your printer is certified green, they will use a water based ink which eliminates the harmful VOCs traditionally associated with printing. The eco-friendly inks come in recyclable cartridges – each step producing more eco-friendly signage.

One of the key things to keep in mind when designing and printing signage is the ideal size for your lettering. This depends on the distance from which your reader will see it. Below is a chart listing the ideal font size for a sign in comparison to the distance someone will be viewing it.

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We also offer on-line Signage printing. If your signage files are ready to send to press – visit our on-line eco-friendly printing site, Send your signage to press instantly.