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Variable-Data Printing Services


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Variable-Data Printing Services

True to our core value of embracing new technology that saves time, money, and trees, Bacchus Press offers variable-data printing.

  1. direct marketing
  2. page-per-page personalization
  3. in-house mass mailing
  4. customize greetings, text, graphics, and photographs
  5. customize to multiple sub-markets

With our digital printers and variable-data software, we use information from your mailing lists and database to supply unique graphics, charts, text, and even images to specified subgroups, so that each customized mailer, brochure, or advertisement resonates directly with its targeted zip code, age group, or demographic. The customization is so sophisticated, we can even direct your mailings to appeal to your consumers’ unique interests and buying habits.

Fast and economical, variable-data printing reduces waste because your mailers speak directly to their intended recipients. With unique addresses printed directly on the mailers, you also avoid printing and mailing, which reduces cost and saves time. And because variable-data printing allows you to print on demand, you can test a new market on a small scale, wait for results, tweak your approach, and then personalize your printing in mass on a tested market that will guarantee returns. No question about it, variable-data printing is good for business and the environment.