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What Our Clients Say

"Well, Bacchus Team, I just got a phone call and an email sharing with us that the invitations are ‘absolutely gorgeous’ and there are many ooohs and ahhhs around the museum! Super kudos to you all and the production team that pulled this off in the midst of what had to seem like never-ending changes. This is the response we all love to hear after exceptionally hard work — on your part. Congratulations and thanks!"
Bob Salt
at Salt and Associates

"I have been working with Bacchus Press for two-and-a-half years. It is the great customer service, excellent quality, and very competitive pricing that keeps me a happy customer."
Kyle Kemp
at Hornblower Cruises and Events

"Working with Bacchus Press is like having another artist working with me. Their expertise in printing and the backup they provide is why I use them almost exclusively."
Michael Carrillo
at Alta Bates Summit Medical Center

"Bacchus Press is easy to work with and provides good quality printing."
Naomi Schiff
17th Street Studios

"Throughout the five-plus years that I’ve worked with Bacchus, I’ve found them to be a professional, first rate outfit. Despite all of our background drama they’re frequently saddled with (unavoidably-short deadlines, unorthodox design ideas, author error technical difficulties, long conversations on design feasibility vs. their capabilities, etc.) they somehow always manage to deliver on time and on budget! Kudos to Karen Schreiber and the Bacchus prepress gang, and to the outfit as a whole."
Eric Noguchi
at The California Breast Cancer Research Program

"We work exclusively with printers who deliver outstanding quality at a competitive price. Because our client base is primarily in the green building industry, environmental considerations are also at the forefront. Green printing is about more than recycled papers. Because of Bacchus’ status as a fellow Bay Area Certified Green Business and their FSC Certification, we are assured that their commitment to the environment plays out in everything from sourcing of materials to energy consumptions to business operations. These environmental values match our own and those of our clients, making Bacchus a printer of choice for Kollar Design | EcoCreative®."
Candice Kollar
at Kollar Design


"We can’t thank you enough for all the beautiful printing work you have done for Village Relief. We couldn’t have had such a successful fundraiser without your help. Village Relief for Zimbabwe was a great success. The $10,000 that you helped us raise will be used to purchase and send medical supplies mostly to Mater Dei Hospital in Zimbabwe. We are all partners in helping to provide the crucial medicines and medical supplies needed in the deeply troubled country of Zimbabwe and to many villages throughout the developing countries of the world. We appreciate your loyal support of the services provided by the Village Relief Foundation."
Zena Kruzick and the Board of Directors,
Village Relief Foundation

"I've worked with Bacchus Press for many years and have always been impressed by their responsive customer service, high quality printing, and willingness to go the extra mile to ensure that jobs are done right. When I send a job to Bacchus, I know that they will work with me to ensure the professional quality and timely delivery that my clients expect."
Barbara Nishi Graphic Design

"Yerba Buena Center for the Arts has worked with Bacchus for many years. The high quality of their product has always been consistent, and their customer service is both friendly and dependable."
Philip Mayard
at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts


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