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Card & Envelope Printing

  1. Available in 4 standard sizes with matching envelope
  2. Environmentally friendly, FSC Certified card stock
  3. Various Finishes, Aqueous coatings and Varnishes available
  4. Printed using 4-color process or PMS spot colors
  5. Printed with soy and vegetable inks

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Card and Envelopes Printing;

Eco-Friendly Card and Envelope Printing
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Greeting Cards, Invitations and Announcements – the gateway to happy clients.

By Winn Apple   |   Published May, 2013

We’ve all experienced the impact of poor service and likely been on both sides. Hey…we all have off days.

It isn’t simply “off days” and poor customer service that leads to loss of customers – but a sense of indifference. Quite frankly, this can apply to any type of relationship. Your customers are no different than your friends, lovers, relative in that regard.

How exactly can a business approach the development of a strong relationship with their clients? Stay in contact by delivering value and offering acknowledgement.

One of the best ways to achieve this is sending cards. Quality printed cards and envelopes are a great investment.

Greeting Cards and Envelopes: Printing greeting cards with your company logo is a staple of any office. Mailing cards to say “thanks for sending your business our way – we really appreciate you” has a huge impact. Take the time to hand write your card and address your envelop.

Sending cards just to follow up on a recent order is another way to remind your client they matter.

If you are organized enough to have birthdays listed for your client, send them a birthday card. Have fun birthday cards and holiday cards designed and printed to keep on hand.

Invitations and Matching Envelopes: You’ll want to print Invitations with a quality printer. If you print and mail Invitations that look shoddy, it will reflect poorly on your event. Adding an extra hand written note to your printed invitations leaves your client feeling special. And though they may not attend, the attention will not go unnoticed.

There are loads of fancy additions to you invitations that a quality printer can provide. Embossing, di-cutting and foiling are a few special features that can make your invitation shine. The level of attention you put on producing and printing a beautiful invitation, say a great deal about the attention you place on your service.

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