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Our Certifications

Bay Area Green Business, we are in compliance with all the environmental regulations set forth by 9 different government agencies, state and local agencies and municipalities which meet the standards for conserving resources, preventing pollution, and minimizing waste. FSC Certification (Forest Stewardship Council®) ensures that products used throughout the printing process supply chain — from logger to printer — are sourced from responsibly managed forests. Canopy Certification ensures that products used throughout the printing process supply chain — from logger to printer — are sourced from responsibly managed forests. Carbon Fund, we offset our carbon footprint through investments in renewable technologies such as wind, solar, and hydroelectric methods of generating energy. We know that printing green not only saves precious resources but also saves time, which in the end saves you and your business money.

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Eco-Friendly Printing

Green Practices

At Bacchus Press, we strive to reduce our energy consumption, pollution and waste by establishing efficient and green business practices – minimizing our impact as a company – as well as offering the most eco-friendly printing and mailing options available, therein reducing our impact as a printer and minimizing yours as a consumer.

Our design and production advisors are not just artisans at the press; the employees of Bacchus Press double as your eco-advisors, guiding you toward the cleanest and greenest, eco-friendly printing options for all your printing, packaging, and mailing needs. Our commitment toward sustainable printing doesn't end at our large selection of FSC Certified and recycled papers. We strive to reduce our carbon footprint in everything we do.

Eco- Friendly Printing Practices

  • Sourcing only sustainable products, including 100% post-consumer recycled and FSC-certified papers using soy or vegetable-based inks for our traditional presses and non- toxic water-based inks for our large format printers
  • Offer a huge selection of recycled paper - encouraging recycled paper printing
  • Green printing, using recyclable print cartridges and printheads
  • Green printing, using cleaning and processing solvents free of environmentally harmful Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
  • Eliminating toxic chemicals from our plate making and plate processing by utilizing water based printing practices for a far more eco-friendly printing system
  • Printing digitally whenever possible, which saves paper and natural resources
  • Providing in-house finishing, distribution, and mailing services, which saves natural resources by avoiding unnecessary transport from our warehouse to a second vendor
  • Offering referrals, when possible, for long-distance jobs that would better serve the environment if processed in the client's immediate neighborhood
  • Sourcing recyclable substrates for your large format print projects
  • Working with companies who offer supplemental options to your standard Eco-Friendly Printing recycling program—they will recycle your large format substrates as well as cover the cost of returning used materials to their facility

Eco-Friendly Practices as a Business

  • Recycling and reusing paper and other office supplies
  • Utilize recycling and compost all office waste using environmentally
  • Regulated cleaning products around the office in the interest of sustainability and employee well being
  • Using efficient lighting components to reduce both electricity
  • Low flow plumbing instillations in order to reduce water consumption
  • Planning jobs carefully to minimize our electricity use and paper waste
  • Keeping track of our total energy usage and implementing strategies for offsetting the environmental impact