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Printing & In-house Mailing Services

Keeping the printer-to-mailbox process in-house not only allows for a seamless finishing, fulfillment, and distribution — handled by the same trusted representatives who manage your prepress and printing needs — but also reduces each job’s carbon footprint.

Advantages to in-house mailing services:

  1. Avoid transfering direct mailers to a separate mailing house vendor
  2. Reduce the total cost of your printing and mailing
  3. Get printed materials into your customers’ hands faster
  4. Reduces each printing job’s carbon footprint
  5. Eliminating duplicates in mailing
  6. Printed materials arrive looking as good as they did right off the press

It is one more way that Bacchus Press can do more for you with less time and money.

Find out how we can help you on your project, call us at 510.420.5800 or use our consultation form.