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Point of Sale

  1. Mounting on foam core and eco-friendly substrates
  2. Die-cut services
  3. Sizes up to 42” x 60”
  4. Printed with soy or vegetable inks
  5. Printed using 4-color process or PMS spot colors
  6. Wide selection of eco-friendly paper

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Eco-Friendly Point of Sale

Draw the customers' attention to products, special offers, and promote special seasonal or holiday-time sales. Our skilled team will turn your ideas into successful marketing tools.

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Squeeze the highest return out of your Point of Sale Sign

By Winn Apple   |   Published May, 2013

By definition a Point of Sale Sign is a sign that attracts attention to products or services designed to boost profitability and draw awareness. You see point of sale signs everywhere. They are the signs that pull you into GAP for the hard to resist two-for-one promotion on tee-shirts. The sign is bigger than life and posted in the front window display.

You’ll likely encounter countless point of sale signs at the cash register tempting you to dash back to the tee-shirt isle and grab a few, just incase you missed the gargantuan sign when entering the store.

What are some ways to squeeze the highest return out of your point of sale sign?

Even if you aren’t offering a promotional sale on an item doesn’t mean you can’t use a point of sale sign to boost its sales. A well placed, well design sign that touts the benefits of a specific product can be alluring enough to encourage a sale.

Suppose you peak someone’s interest, but they are not ready to purchase the product. Your point of sale sign has fulfilled its purpose –it has elicited interest. Consider adding coupons that the client can peel off as a reminder and an incentive to buy the product later.

Let’s say you’ve found yourself a taker – they are ready to purchase this product. Well, how about a few mentioning a few additional products that are commonly purchased with the promotional product. List a few suggestions on your point of sale sign.

Included any research which shows the advantage of your product over others on the market – even include testimonial. Make sure you don’t cram too much on your sign however. You’ll want an image and a caption to pull them in and one bit of information that will build trust.

If your product can be shown in action – include a video of your product near your sign. If your product produces visual results even photos will be effective.

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