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In recent years, Printing has fallen in popularity as a form of communication. With Global Warming and the protection and sustainability of our planet and all her resources being one of the biggest issues we face, many have turned to the digital world for its speedy, chemical and paper free trail -though the electronic world has its own adverse impact on the health of our planet- hazards which are now becoming evident.

As often is the case, that which holds our highest regard is susceptible to the proverbially fall from grace. But before we turn our backs on that which has aptly recorded our worlds’ history, diligently taught our children, provided endless hours of reading pleasure and cushioned the contents of our cardboard boxes marked fragile- crumpled wads of its Sunday best, systematically wedged between wine glasses and porcelain figurines- let’s take a moment to reflect.

The history of Printing is as long and winding as the silk road. If you're in the mood for a brief glimpse at printings' rich roots, check out the Bacchus blog.

For a more contemporary peek into the everyday printing for marketing, that we oft times take for granted, and casually toss into a receptacle of some sort - let's hope recycling and not rubbish - take a whirl through our ever expanding list of articles.


Printing Article 1

From Booklets to Banners: The Enduring Appeal of Paper
By Jennifer Stanley   |   Published April 11, 2013

In the past books were valued for their rarity - great time and effort went into making the printed word a thing of beauty. Today's digital world can lead us to rely on electronic messages to convey our sentiments or to market products and services, but such simple things as greetings cards makes clear the continuing appeal of the printed and written word, not least because they are a tangible product which people can hand to one another.

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Printing Article 2

Green Printing – Keeping the Printed Word Eco-Friendly
By Jennifer Stanley   |   Published April 17, 2013

In early reading books pictures are many and words are few, and when a child brings their first reading book home from school it is an important day. Studying the pictures for clues is key to early reading, as is holding the book, turning the pages and even noticing, and remarking on, the impressions so many previous families have left on the battered pages.

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Printing Article 3

Business Cards – what not to do
By Winn Apple   |   Published April 23, 2013

A business card can give you the most bang for your marketing buck, but they can also work against you if it is poorly crafted.

Obviously the design of your business card is number one on the list. If you aren’t a graphic designer and you are attempting to create your own business card, just keep it simple. I’ve seen some real wild looking carnivals on a card. Someone may hang onto your business card simply because it is outrageous – that doesn’t mean they send business your way.

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Printing Article 4

6 Ways to use Calendars for Promoting your Business or Event
By Jennifer Stanley   |   Published May 1st, 2013

The advent of the internet changed the face of business irrevocably. It was no longer necessary to fly across the world for business meetings, as tools such as Skype made the process of professional networking both quick and cheap, and traditional hard copy utilities such as business cards and letterheads were replaced by email signatures and LinkedIn. Yet despite this progression, there are some useful promotional tricks which simply cannot be replaced by any amount of digital know-how. A primary example of this is the simple, yet effective, calendar.

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Printing Article 5

What to consider when printing a Banner
By Winn Apple   |   Published May, 2013

Banners are an absolute must for trade shows or any type of an event where you plan to generate business. Whether you are printing a Banner with a stand, or a hanging Banner with grommets, you’ll need large signage to grab the attention of attendees.

What are some of the considerations you should keep in mind while designing your eco-friendly banner?

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Printing Article 6

Making your Postcard as enticing as a tropical getaway
By Winn Apple   |   Published May,2013

Postcards have found a soft spot in the hearts of many. We receive postcards from friends and loved ones who have departed for sandy beaches and faraway places – reminding us that they are having fun whilst we sit in our cubicle.

There are racks and ra

cks of postcards designed to entertain and amuse – and their offspring, the marketing post card, is no less effective at enlisting a reaction.

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Printing Article 7

Greeting Cards, Invitations and Announcements – the gateway to happy clients.
By Winn Apple   |   Published May, 2013

Printing and mailing newsletters on a regular basis is a solid investment and yield greater return that the electronic version. Emails have turned into more of a nuisance than a service to clients and often time your hard work with never see the light of day.

Printed Newsletters can be approached a number of ways depending on what relationship you are attempting to build with your reader and the image you have cultivated over time – or – are in the process of cultivating.

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Printing Article 8

Building a Great Printed Newsletter – Builds Client Loyalty
By Winn Apple   |   Published May 2013

We’ve all experienced the impact of poor service and likely been on both sides. Hey…we all have off days.

It isn’t simply “off days” and poor customer service that leads to loss of customers – but a sense of indifference. Quite frankly, this can apply to any type of relationship. Your customers are no different than your friends, lovers, relative in that regard.

How exactly can a business approach the development of a strong relationship with their clients? Stay in contact by delivering value and offering acknowledgement.

One of the best ways to achieve this is sending cards. Quality printed cards and envelopes are a great investment.

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Printing Article 9

Printing Signage – what to consider
By Winn Apple   |   Published May 2013

Different printing products are considered signage. Banners – both hanging and with stands – as well as posters.

One distinction between a poster and a sign is the presentation. Mounted posters – also called signage – are a much more cost effective way to promote than investing in a Banner. Especially if you are promoting an event or sale which is time limited.

Signage is essential if you are participating in any type of tradeshow or conference. Printing for tradeshows is often times the last item on a long list of tasks you need to manage. Ultimately it leads to a last minute hunt for a printer to handle the job.

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Printing Article 10

Squeeze the highest return out of your Point of Sale Sign
By Winn Apple   |   Published May 2013

By definition a Point of Sale Sign is a sign that attracts attention to products or services designed to boost profitability and draw awareness. You see point of sale signs everywhere. They are the signs that pull you into GAP for the hard to resist two-for-one promotion on tee-shirts. The sign is bigger than life and posted in the front window display.

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Printing Article 11

Catalogs still reel in the business.
By Winn Apple   |   Published May 2013

Posters are not simply to promote boy bands and teenage idols, nor the singular design choice of auto mechanics donning their office walls with images of scantily clad pin-ups.

No sir. Posters are powerful marketing tools. They are the spokesman of your business – selling your products and services in cubicles, hallways and offices throughout the land.

Printing posters is a great investment – one that will work for you all year long. If designed right, your audience will leave that poster hanging for a while.

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Printing Article 12

Posters – to – Pin-ups
By Winn Apple   |   Published May 2013

Despite the birth of the digital age, a printed catalog is as popular as ever.

Considering the cost of printing and mailing catalogs, you’d think that the electronic version would win out. Why would a business opt to spend their marketing dollars on printing a catalog if it didn’t yield a high return on their investment?

They wouldn’t.

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Printing Article 13

Rack Cards – don’t let your get lost in the stack
By Winn Apple   |   Published May 2013

There are several things you should keep in mind when printing a rack card that will optimize the effectiveness.

Standard size rack cards are designed to fit into a specific slot …generally speaking. If you plan on sending rack cards to visitor centers, convention centers or any other center which displays rack cards in a conventional manner, you’ll want to ensure that your card will fit.

In addition to the size of your rack card, you’ll need to consider what portion of the card readers will see when it is neatly tucked in the card holder.

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Printing Article 14

Labels are for more than shipping!
By Winn Apple   |   Published May 2013

Likely, the first thing that comes to mind with the mention of printing labels is a box of labels for shipping you send through your personal printer.

But labels are so much more. A beautifully printed label is that extra touch on your product, package or envelop that creates an impeccable presentation that consumers are drawn to.

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Printing Article 15

Data Sell Sheets – an introduction to your product
By Winn Apple   |   Published May 2013

Data Sell sheets are an important piece of marketing literature to announce a product or service.

Whether your product is in the developmental stage or hitting the market, a Data Sell Sheet is a helpful handout for perspective clients.

There are numerous opportunities to circulate a Data Sell Sheet. If you are attending or participating in a conference, tradeshow or other event, you’ll want a professionally printed Sell sheet to handout.

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Printing Article 16

Printing Presentation Folders Can Be Tricky
By Winn Apple   |   Published May 2013

Presentation folders seem like a simple and straight forward product, but there are quite a few things that go into producing these printed folders.

If your company invests time and resources into developing the collateral material, you’ll want a quality printer that can handle the many aspects to printing and producing brochures, letterhead, business cards, booklets and presentation folders.

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